Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The Giving Gift

It was christmas and the city is filled with the festival mood, and people exchanging gifts and wishes. And our P'tit Laan also received many gifts from friends and his mom. P'tit laan cherished each of his gifts..holding it in his arms always and counted them several times in a day. On that evening he unwrapped all his gifts ( a flute, a fables, a toy bag and a video game! ) and loved each of it.

After which, Mom asked Laan « which one of the gift you wanted to donate to a poor child who has less than him ? »

Laan said « None »...

Mom explained Laan thatsharing with those who were less forunate was part of the holiday spirit and how a child who had less would probably be very happy to receive a gift. This made Laan a bit convincing, however he don't want to disappoint his mom on the festival day. The boy eventually agreed to part with one of his gifts...and decided to give off the Flute !

Laan asked his mom « where they would take this gift ? »

Mom replied that the Church Father would come and receive the gifts himself for the poor. But Laan had a doubt how he would know that the Flute goes to a child, to which his mom agreed that he would write a small note on the gift saying that « Make sure this reaches a poor kid who doesn't have lot of toys »

After the father left collecting his gift, Laan complained that he had forgotten to write his name and how would the boy know that the gift is from him !

Mom explained that they wouldn’t need to know who it came from and how sometimes part of giving was doing it so that others wouldn’t know where it came from, like putting coins in the poor box at church. Bot sure whether the kid understood every bit of what his mother told but he was happy and so the mother.

Years passed by..... and it has become an yearly ritual to give off one of the gifts he receives on the day of christmas. The giving gift tradition continued into adulthood.

One Christmas found Laan with his own 5 year old boy....

The boy asked Laan, “What was the best gift you got for Christmas when you were a kid ?” He wanted to explain to his son that the best gift he ever received didn’t come in a box, it wasn’t wrapped and you couldn’t even hold it in your hand.

He tried to explain the habit of giving-away gift is the best gift he had ever received.

The little boy asked "Do you still do that Dad ?" His father explained that he had not missed a Christmas in over 30 years. The following day the father selected a new sweater and wrote directly on the white box, “Please give this to someone who needs it”.

The little one became thoughtful after hearing this. As the church father arrived (with Santa) the father asked the boy to handover his father's gift the boy has already had prepared to give away one of gifts too...and he asked his father “Dad, can you help me write the note ?”

Material gifts can be precious but the greatest gifts that we can give to children aren’t wrapped in fancy paper and they can’t be purchased at the mall. The greatest gifts were meant to be passed on to others. The receivers of these gifts are often initially unaware of what they are actually receiving. The gifts of forgiveness, sharing, fairness, and caring are the most valuable gifts. These are the gifts that we can give away but still keep.

*** The End ***

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

G-e-n-e-r-a-t-i-o-n G - A - P
It was shot in my school Independence Day function, where I happened to go after some 9 years. When it comes to scools and institutions, nothing changes much. The flag post was the same, the flags were also same, same prayers, same patriotic speeches by children, same 'vande-matram' dance, teachers were standing in the same place where my teachers use to stand and some people like me, way aside from their sights!. I see all these from the parents crowd. I also see some old students standing there as parets and I also see some future parents sitting down. Times roll out and there is time when they exchage places. This picture speaks these to me, than 'just a picture'.
Aanandha Thaandvam
This is an acrylic on Canvas painting. This is one of the early canvas experimentation of mine. I like this one most of any painting of mine. You can see a severe blunder in this, as a result amateurish carelessness :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Through my lens

The cultural street palyers of Scotland. Very Dynamic and active. No one could pass away without getting a sight of him Thiruvanamalai - Tower1. I dont know that photgraphs are prohibited here. And I was driven away by a security then.

An outside view of Tiruvannamalai temple, showing the interior it.

Exhibiting ethnicity and people sincerely worshipping the agni

No Kadalai Plzzzz...

A street singer of Scotland.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Friday, November 02, 2007

Blessed One's - This is the picture I like the Most. I drew it suddenly in a late night in some 15-20 minutes. It used to be my work place picture always. Now I dont have it. I gifted this piece to one my Best friend. Saraswathi - This painting is inspired by one of the MF Hussains painting. It came out badly and almost went to my waste bin. My frame artist friend picked it up and cleansed it and put a nice frame. The tribute is to him.

Cyclist - I am always so obcessed about Bi-cycle. Eventhough we are not so curious about the way we drive cycle, it is a wonder how we travel in a piece of iron with only 2 points rested on the ground, so harmonically.... Every one has ones own stories associated with cycle and their bi-cycle days.

Waiting - This is also one of my likeliest work. Pencil on cartridged paper. Lady so lonely, with an signs of waiting for some one else. Her jasmine on head is afresh. Her beauty is apparent with slim posture, shaped waist and legs with anklets such that you never want to see her face.

Young mother - It is a migty transition that transforms the humanity, how a girl becomes a women. This picture depicts the new mother observing her sibling with love and proud in her eyes.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Friday, December 01, 2006

Precious Water - This picture has gained me lot of praises. This I happened to take during one of my travel. All the wars in the world so far are fought for women, land, power. If there is going to be a great War in future, It will be for WATER... My unfortunate Model - gautam at lalbargh. Sepia and Sunlight is a good combination. He was abusing me for the 20 minutes instruction i was giving him and making him unable to move. Finally came out well..

SPUFI - My workplace watch dog Spufi

Arun -

Trinity - Three crows sharing their crumps. In long distance a small family sharing their lunch. In between a pedestrate uncessantly sleeping depicting uncared solitude.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006